July 14, RuArts Gallery will present a new project Ramifications as part of parallel program of 5th Moscow International biennale for young art.









On June 2, RuArts Gallery will present a new project 3016 by Grisha and 0331.





Moscow Museum of Modern Art and RuArts Foundation present the first retrospective show of Vita Buivid at MMOMA, Ermolayevsky 17. The exhibition will be open from April 27 to June 12, 2016. More information on mmoma.ru







Starting from April 6th as a part of the XI international festival PHOTOBIENNALE 2016 a new solo exhibition Gravity by Vladimir Glynin opens at RuArts gallery with the support of Rehab Life and Ruinart.













December 8, RuArts Gallery presents the first solo exhibition of famous Moscow photographer Vasiliy Kudryavtsev. The exhibition will continue until January 31.







November 12, RuArts Gallery together with Artmossphere creative association presents a group show 'Unforeseen Circumstances'.







October 10, RuArts Gallery with the support of Interview Magazine will present a new solo exhibition "Ringing of Coloredmane Swirl" by Andrey Bartenev.






September 16, 2015 we started a new exhibition season with the project "LAZARUS" by Tatyana Podmarkova.










On April 15th, the first charity street art auction organized by RuArts Fund was held in Optics pavilion of the VDNH. The auction was a part of the #project64 exhibition, a temporary display of participating works of the Artmossphere First Street Art Biennale. The event was successful with over 40% of works being sold. The main highlight of the night was the selling of the top lot - "World made of plastics has won" - by Pasha183 into a private collection for 16,900!




Street Art Auction is a unique event for Russian art market, which sparked interest among the buyers. Popular TV anchors, journalists, businessmen, collectors, and curators could be spotted among the visitors. Russian artists were of particular interest to the public: the highlight of the night was the selling of Pasha183's canvas painting. Besides, works by Stas Dobryi appeared to be quite popular; Andrey Vedro and Dmitriy Aske's works were all sold out; the "The Long Tomorrow" painting tripled in price during the auction. A couple of works by foreign artists - 3ttman, SatOne, Jan Kalab, 1010 - were also purchased.




"Being pioneers of the first ever street art auction in Russia, we realized what responsibility it was; the potential is huge, however there is no market yet. Now, as we entered into the post auction sales period, it is safe to say that the experiment was successful. We have yet a lot to learn from Los Angeles and London auctions, where the artists are in high demand among the collectors. In fall of 2016 Artmossphere will hold the Second Street Art Biennale in Moscow, accompanied by the auction. We hope that by that time, apart from popular foreign artists, we'll see the rise of our own young artists. As promised, after the exhibition #project64 together with RuArts Fund will introduce a scholarship for Russian street artists," says Sabina Chagina, Artmossphere curator.