5.06.2014 - 5.07.2014

On June 4th 2014, RuArts Gallery, with the support of Vogue Russia will hold an exhibition of the world re-known fashion photographer - Hans Feurer. This will be the first time in Russia that Hans shows his work.

Hans Feurer has been a mainstay of fashion photography since the late 1960s. His images are timeless and from his beginnings in the 1970's to today, he is as popular as ever.
His style is much copied and his images have been referenced and inspired a whole new generation of photographers.
Hans Feurer was born in Switzerland in 1939. After studying art, he worked as a graphic designer, illustrator and artistic director in London. Traces of his previous career are evident throughout his work, especially in his careful compositions and precise styling.
In 1966, Hans Feurer travelled to Africa, and during this fateful trip he decided to become a fashion photographer. Immediately upon his return to London, he began to compile a portfolio.
By the end of 1967, Hans Feurer's career took off. Since then, he has produced thousands of images and entered the realms of legendary photographers. Throughout his illustrious career he has worked for the most prestigious and influential publications such as Vogue USA, Vogue Paris, ID, Another, Numero and Elle.
More than 30 years ago, Hans Feurer was given free reign to photograph Kenzo Takada's 1983 advertising campaign in Lanzarote and Lampedusa. This campaign cemented his place at the top of the fashion ladder and also launched the career of a then unknown Somali model, who became the supermodel Iman.
In 2013 Hans Feurer finally came out with his long awaited and eponymous book of his iconic images, which was published by Damiani designed by Fabien Baron, the creative director of Interview magazine. The book includes Hans Feurer's photographs from his memorable Pirelli calendar in 1974, the Kenzo campaign and many of his fascinating and striking fashion images.
Hans Feurer's work has been exhibited throughout the years in some of the world's most prestigious galleries and museum's: Colette Concept store (Paris, France), Palazzo Patrizi (Rome, Italy), Museo della Permanente, (Milan, Italy).
Hans Feurer always says : "I want the pictures to look very real and the people in it to be living beings with a breathing, sensual skin instead of plastic".
Nowadays, Hans Feurer is still working actively with the worlds top fashion magazines and fashion brands, including Vogue Russia.
"Hans is known as a classic of gloss, his name is inscribed into the long history of photography, he has been published in Russian Vogue for many times. That is why we decided to choose Hans to make a fashion shoot in Olympic Sochi - one of the main projects of Russian Vogue this year. To be familiar with his photos is absolutely necessary for everyone who is interested in fashion", - Vogue Russia editor-in-chief Victoria Davydova said.
The exhibition will continue till the 5th of July at RuArts Gallery.
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