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Alex Partola. WALL ELEMENTS 2

Wall Elements 2 is the first large-scale research of the Russian graffiti and street art scene from Kaliningrad to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, a bold attempt to bring together the works of most notable street artists, completely unlike each other, drawing both illegally as well as in legal places, to capture their approaches and methods.

Only the local artists with a true street background take part in the project: 70 individuals and teams total coming from 17 cities. The author of the project considers as his task to show a wide cross-section of the Russian street art scene. Some of the participants already had successful collaborations with galleries and museums. Here are emerging artists and well-known names, authors of the largest murals in the world, participants of international street art biennales, major festivals and exhibitions. Even when they gain the commercial success, they do not abandon the street, shaping the visual culture of the city with their works.

The designers of the album Wall Elements 2 are Alex Partola and Nikita K. Scriabin, co-founder of the publishing house "Os", a well-known Moscow artist. The album is based on the material captured by Alex Partola in the course of his annual photographic research and consists of 2 volumes: the documentation of the creation of the works of artists, the texts and creative manifestos of the artists contains the first volume of the almanac, the second volume contains only of photographs on which work is fixed on the street.

PARTICIPATES OF THE PROJECT: 0331C, 56, 8 rubley, А13, Aber, A.D.E.D., Adno, Sergey Akramov, Akue, Aroe, Aske, Yury Averin, Stas Bags, Blot, Chervi, Concrete Jungle, Stas Dobry, Dusto, Eloom, FrouOne, Fruits, FSFE Collective, Giwe, Gold, Gred, GRISHA, Herman IX, IMA, Keus, Alexey Kio, Kirill Kto, Kvadrat, Luka, Magic of Reptiles, Manos, Marat Mozgi, Morik, Most, Muluk, Roman Muratkin, Nagar, Ivan Ninety, Vadim Nol, Nomerz, Nootk, Nozh, Oskolki, Alex Partola, Petro, Timofey Radya, Rayons, Revansh, Ilya Robe, Sasha RTS, Rtue, Sakvo, Sam, Alexey Shidlovsky, Stepan Shobolov, Skissor, Slak, Snekzy, Stfnv, Super, SY, TOY, Turbo, Vedro, Vitae Viazi, Alexandr Yarovikov, Yury QZX, Aleksandr Zhunev, Art group "Zlye", Zoom, Zukclub.

Alex Partola (b. 1990), a graduate of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics and the British Higher School of Art and Design, is active as a photo artist, graphic designer, author and curator of many projects, co-founder of the Os publishing house and Vkus Bumagi (“Paper Taste”) print market. He is the author of more than 200 design works and a photo book Ghost in the Machine dedicated to graffiti art on trains. He lives and works in Moscow. His artworks are housed in the collections of museums, art galleries, foundations and private owners.

0331c and Grisha. Soot

Edited on the occasion of "SOOT" at MMOMA museum.
Each catalogue measures 17 x 22 cm and consists of 64 pages, featuring in total includes over 50 photos and their descriptions.

Vita Buivid. My Love Is not a Wisp of Smoke

This edition accompanies the personal exhibition of Vita Buivid «My Love Is not a Wisp of Smoke», held at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (26 April – 12 June 2016), Moscow, Ermolaevsky
Lane, 17

0331c and Grisha. 3016

Edited on the occasion of "3016" at RuArts gallery.
Each catalogue measures 17 x 24 cm and consists of 72 pages, featuring in total includes over 50 photos and their descriptions.

Sergei Borisov. Studio 50A

Moscow art elite, heroes of underground and glossy fashion. They all  intermingle on the pages of this photo story that took place behind closed doors of Sergei Borisov’s hip  Studio 50A. 160 photographs with commentary from those who witnessed the studio’s ups and downs at the time of Soviet Empire collapse and formation of the new state and society.

RuArts Gallery Catalogue

Catalogue of exhibitions 2013 - 2015

Vladimir Glynin. Abstract


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