14.07.16 – 30.07.16
Participants, students of The British Higher School of Art and Design: Belova Olga, Bortsova Maria, Demina Evgeniya, Egorova Evgenia, Egorova Tatiana, Kostryukova Anna, Mikheeva Anna, Poludkina Polina, Repin Artur, Selivanov Yuriy.
Project curator: Svetlana Taylor

Where then is this self, if it is neither in the body nor the soul??
Blaise Pascal
All things in me, And I'm in everything…
F. I. Tyutchev

02.06.16 – 09.07.16
Grisha, 0331c

Time will pass, while the images and parts of the showpieces of this exhibition will live up to the 3016th year. Since graffiti is eternity, because we know nothing more ancient than graffiti which came down to us from the deep past.

06.04.16 – 28.05.16
Vladimir Glynin

Starting from April 6th as a part of the XI international festival "Photobiennale 2016" a new solo exhibition Gravity by Vladimir Glynin opens at RuArts gallery with the support of Rehab Life and Champagne house Ruinart.

"I take pictures, photographic pictures"
08.12.15 – 31.01.16
Vasiliy Kudryavtsev

December 2015, RuArts Gallery of contemporary art will celebrate its 11-th anniversary. On this occasion, RuArts presents solo exhibition of famous Moscow photographer Vasiliy Kudryavtsev for the first time in 25 years of his career. The exhibition will take place at the gallery from 8 December 2015 to 31 January 2016.

"Unforeseen Circumstances"
12.11.15 – 05.12.15
Dmitri Aske (Moscow), Alexey Luka (Moscow), SatOne (Munich), Finsta (Stockholm).
Curated by Sabina Chagina.

RuArts Gallery in collaboration with Artmossphere creative association presents a group show 'Unforeseen Circumstances'. Two Russian artists, Dmitri Aske and Alexey Luka, and two European guests, SatOne and Finsta, will present their new bodies of work. All of these artists began their artistic career as graffiti writers and later moved on and developed their style in other spheres, including illustration, graphics, and muralism. None of them could imagine what a great influence their teenage hobby would have on their life; that thanks to it years later they would burst into the art world and become a part of the world community of the artists who 'came from the streets'. At the show, the artists ponder over the unforeseen circumstances and their role in every person's life and offer the viewer to give it a thought.

"Ringing of Coloredmane Swirl"
10.10.15 – 07.11.15
Andrey Bartenev

October 10, RuArts Gallery with the support of Interview Magazine will present a new solo exhibition "Ringing of Coloredmane Swirl" by Andrey Bartenev.


Tatyana Podmarkova

September 15 RuArts Gallery will present a solo exhibition "Lazarus".


Anne-Sarah Le Meur (France), Alexandra Mitlyanskaya (Russia), Guillaume Guerin (France), Christian Lebrat (France), Natalya Smolyanskaya (Russia). Curator: Natalya Smolyanskaya

Ruarts Gallery of contemporary art, with the support of French Institute under the patronage of the French Embassy in Moscow, will present joint project of the French and Russian artists who work with digital technologies, and will present their interactive digital and video installations.



Ruarts Gallery of contemporary art, with the support of Italian Institute of Culture in Moscow and MASERATI, will present two personal exhibitions of Italian artist Riccardo Murelli and Moscow photographer Mikhail Rozanov in a joint project Costruzione/Constructions. The show will include photographs, installations, etchings and sculptures. The name of the project precisely reflects artistic points of different and independent artists, whose artworks declare independence from reality and its consecutive submission. Both artists work with abstraction, creating their own creative dimension.


JA'BAGH KAGHADO. Special guest ZAK

RuArts Gallery of contemporary art presents a new project TORN by Ja'bagh Kaghado with the participation of Zak Kaghado within the framework of the International Biennale "Fashion and Style in Photography" parallel program.

"Practical actions"
11.02.15 – 04.04.15
Vitaly Pushnitsky

There is a strong myth about St. Petersburg outside of it, as well as about variety of other cities. This myth tells the story of the city of "classics, beauty" and some academic conservatism due to the spirit of the former imperial capital, architectural order, cultural tradition, and so forth.

"Safety in Numbers"
19.11.14 – 06.12.14
Spencer Tunick

December 9, on the occasion of the RuArts 10th anniversary, with the support of Interview Russia and Ruinart, the gallery will present new exhibition by famous American photographer Spencer Tunick, whose works include hundreds and thousands of people posing naked outdoors against urban landscapes.

"Studio 50A"
19.11.14 – 06.12.14
Sergei Borisov

November 19, RuArts Gallery of contemporary art with the support of Harper's Bazaar Art, Mondoro and Prime concierge service will present Sergei Borisov's personal exhibition, dedicated to the presentation of his album Studio 50A.

"For Cosiness"
16.10.14 – 08.11.14
Vita Buivid

"And I wasn't the only slave to my nesting instinct. The people I know who used to sit in the bathroom with pornography, now they sit in the bathroom with their IKEA furniture catalogue".

Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club.

"Wall Elements"
09.10.14 – 12.10.14

Art Foundation and contemporary art gallery RuArts presents a unique project by Alex Partola "Wall Elements" - photo-almanac of Russian street-art, within the framework of Moscow Biennale of Street Art special program.

16.09.14 – 04.10.14

On September 15, RuArts Gallery will open a new exhibition season with a group project Mushrooms.

"Don't even dream!"
10.07.14 – 02.08.14

Within the framework of the IV Moscow International biennale for Young Art parallel program. Curator: Anna Buyvid Participants: Lydmila Anoshenkova, Pavel Brat, Neno Belchev, Eros Dibra, Alexander Efremov, Eva Zhigalova, Marketa Magidova, Sergey Melnichenko & Kinder Album, Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos, Semyon Motolyanets, Stas Korolev, Olya Kroytor, Maria Kulikovskaya, Julio Orta, Denis Patrakeev, Ksenia Pasura, Vladimir Potapov, Veronika Rudieva-Ryazantseva, Alexey Salmanov, Alena Tereshko, Evgeny Medvedev-Ma, Moritz Fingerhut, Nika Chernyaeva, Aza Shade.

05.06.14 – 05.07.14

On June 4th 2014, RuArts Gallery, with the support of Vogue Russia will hold an exhibition of the world re-known fashion photographer - Hans Feurer. This will be the first time in Russia that Hans shows his work.

24.04.14 – 31.05.14
Alexander Zakharov

On April 23, RuArts Gallery will present a new project "THE HUNT" by Alexander Zakharov. In "THE HUNT" project Zakharov uses different types of media - such as painting, graphics and also a new type called stereo printing.

«ABSTRACT» poster
15.03.14 – 19.04.14
Glynin Vladimir

RUARTS Gallery presents a new personal project "ABSTRACT" by Vladimir Glynin, within the framework of parallel program of X Photobiennale 2014. Vladimir Glynin began his career as a photographer in 1995, being a dancer of the Bolshoi Ballet. Initially, most of his photographs were devoted to the internal life of the theatre. Later Vladimir started making photos for magazines, including L'Officiel, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Elle, In Style, Mercury, Icons, GQ and others. He produced a number of advertising campaigns and promotional shots for the Bolshoi Theatre and brands such as Black Label Johnnie Walker, Bacardi Black, Maybach, Audi, BMW, Nespresso and more. For the advertising campaigns of Moscow's TSUM Vladimir took the photos of Eva Herzigova, Milla Jovovich and Naomi Campbell.

«UPWARD» poster
12.02.14 – 08.03.14
Evfrosina Lavrukhina

On the 12th of February RuArts Gallery presents a new solo exhibition "UPWARD" by Evfrosina Lavrukhina. Evfrosina Lavrukhina refers to different techniques, using them in her new project "UPWARD" to express ideas more powerfully. Evfrosina's typical images were implemented in drawings on paper and wood, as well as in new forms - spinning circle-handwheels and kinetic sculptures.

07.12.13 – 01.02.14

According to tradition, RuArts Gallery is preparing something grand and massive for its birthday. Thus, on December 6, RuArts Gallery will present new exhibition BREAKING THE ICE together with SCREAM Gallery (London). The special project prepared by SCREAM Gallery will be presented at RuArts Gallery for the first time in Moscow.

«STIGMA» poster
25.10.13 – 30.11.13
Tatyana Podmarkova

October 24 RuArts Gallery presents a new personal project STIGMA by Tatyana Podmarkova. The Art of Tatyana Podmarkova announced itself in the first decade of the new millennium with the massive fine art series in which balance of neoclassical tradition is combined with contemporary, dramatic expression.

«CHERNUKHA» poster
19.09.13 – 19.10.13

September 18, RuArts Gallery presents a curator project "Chernukha" by Kirill Preobrazhenskiy within the framework of V Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, with the participation of Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Media Arts graduates and students (Alina Kleytman, Nikita Shokhov, Mikhail Maximov, Kir Esadov, Nadya Grishina, Elena Artemenko, Daniil Zinchenko, Margo Ovcharenko).

17.07.13 – 31.07.13

July 16 RuArts Gallery presents a photo exhibition by Alexander Egorov. Alexander Egorov managed to combine seemingly contradictory images and feelings and visually analyze colour, light and form in his first personal project.

«PROnezhnost» poster
27.06.13 – 13.07.13

June 26 RuArts Gallery presents a new group exhibition "PRONEZHNOST". Participants: Antoshina Tatiana, Arendt Maria, Buivid Vita, Zakharov Alexander, Kozin Vladimir, Kuznetsov Gerasim, Medvedev-Ma Eugeniy, Pahkom (Sergei Pakhomov), Potapenkova Maria, Russova Anna, Feneva Aglaya, Larry Caveney.

16.05.13 – 22.06.13
Agroskin Semeon

On the 15 of May RuArts Gallery presents a new solo exhibition by Semeon Agroskin with the support of concierge service Quintessentially and Sky One digital urban tv.

11.04.13 – 11.05.13

On the 10th of April RuArts Gallery presents a new group exhibition "BEAUTIFUL".
Participants: Polina Borisova, Vita Buivid, Kimiko Yoshida, Liudmila Konstantinova, Olga Kroitor, Maria Kulikovskaya, Ksenia Pasura, Veronika Rudyeva-Ryazantseva, Alena Tereshko, Dina Schedrinskaya. The installation with "Nude on a sofa" (1923) by Tamara de Lempicka is also represented.

06.03.13 – 06.04.13
Danila Polyakov / Dmitry Zhuravlev

On the 5 of March 2013 within the framework of the VIII International Biennale "Fashion and Style in Photography" RuArts Gallery presents a new exhibition "NATURA" by Danila Polyakov and Dmitry Zhuravlev.

31.01.13 – 02.03.13

On the 30th of January with the support of White Birch vodka, Seryab mineral water and PRIME RuArts Gallery of Contemporary Art presents a new project "Peonymania" made by Vita Buivid.

08/12/2012 – 19/01/2013
Vincent Perez

RuArts gallery presents a new photography project made by the famous French actor, director and screenwriter Vincent Perez with the stars of the Bolshoi Theatre.

«Spicher_cvetenie» ïîñòåð
25.10.12 – 01.12.12

RuArts Gallery in collaboration with Dmitriy Semenov Gallery (Saint Petersburg), present the project «BLOSSOM» by Swiss artist Stephan Spicher that was partly exhibited at The Ludwig Museum in the Russian Museum in 2007.

«ART MOSCOW» poster
19.09.12 – 23.09.12
16 International Art Fair

Ladies and gentlemen! We invite you to visit our booth ¹8-3 at Art Moscow 2012.

«NOIR» poster
13.09.12 – 13.10.12
A group exhibition of RuArts Gallery artists
Semeon Agroskin, Sergei Borisov, Vita Buivid, Ilya Gaponov, Vladimir Glynin, Alexander Zakharov, Bella Matveeva, Vitaly Pushitsky, Aglaya Feneva, Dmitry Tsvetkov, Ja’bagh Kaghado, Franko B.

September 12th RuArts gallery opens the new season with NOIR project that was brought up by Catherine Borissoff - curator and Art Director of RuArts gallery. As well as her previous Duel and Nothingness projects, NOIR exhibition is closely linked with personal feelings and emotional experience of the young curator.

«The Feast of Being» poster
«The Feast of Being»
31.05.12 – 14.07.12
Group exhibition of artists from the St. Petersburg’s «Nepokorennye 17» studio
Within a parallel program of the III Moscow International Biennale for Young Art

After 3 years of silence the artists from the group “Nepokorennye 17” decided to reunite and present their project “The Feast of Being”.

FOTOMIXFIGHT Limited Edition 2012 poster
FOTOMIXFIGHT Limited Edition 2012
24.05.12 – 27.05.12
Professional photography fair

Ladies and gentlemen!
We invite you to visit our booth at FOTOMIXFIGHT Limited Edition 2012 Fair, that is taking place on 24-27 May in The Gallery of Classic Photography.

Mosgorod poster
11.04.12 – 20.05.12
Within the framework of Photobiennale 2012 Supported by the Embassy of France and French Institute in Russia

From April 11 till May 20 RuArts Gallery presents the MOSGOROD exhibition, supported by the Embassy of France and French Institute in Russia. Within the framework of Photobiennale 2012 three famous French photographers Marc Bonneville, Laurent Villeret and Boris M represent to the Moscow public their vision of the fantastic metropolis existing only in their imagination, in which landscapes one can easily guess real Moscow with the familiar traits of different world capitals.

Daria Usova.Solo exhibition poster
Solo exhibition
02.03.12 – 31.03.12
Daria Usova

RuArts Gallery presents a solo exhibition of a young and ambitious artist Daria Usova that will be open for public from from 2 till 31 of March.

«Bare bohemia». Photography
27.01.12 – 25.02.12
Sergei Borisov

January 27 – February 25, 2012 RuArts gallery presents personal exhibition by Sergei Borisov – indisputable master of Soviet photography, inventor of the genre "ideological nude".

Introspection poster
15.12.11 – 21.01.12
Riccardo Murelli

RuArts Gallery is proud to announce that from December 15 till January 21 we are exhibiting “Introspection” by Riccardo Murelli - one of the most interesting exponents of contemporary Italian art.
The artist's works will be presented by the Gallery Ruarts, Moscow, for the first time with a solo exhibition titled “Introspection” ("Introspettica"), under the cultural exchange program of the year Italy-Russia with the support of the Italian Institute of culture in Moscow. The exhibition will be composed of oil papers, a series of engravings of medium and large format, stainless steel sculptures and a site-specific project specially built on the spot in Siberian larch wood.

From Vladivostok to Paris poster
From Vladivostok to Paris
08.12.11 – 11.12.11
Vincent Perez

Dear friends!
December 7th RuArts Gallery celebrated its 7th anniversary. We would like to thank all our guests and clients who came to congratulate us with 7 years on Russian art market full of success and challenging projects.

Patternism poster
21.10.11 – 26.11.11
Sergey Anufriev

Sergey Anufriev’s exhibition “Patternism” will take place in RuArts Gallery October 21 - November 26, 2011. RuArts Foundation and Gallery of Contemporary Art brings to your attention the program manifesto of Sergey Anufriev – one of the most impressive artists, as well as a philosopher and art theorist of modern Russia. The artist has no less than defined the concept of an absolutely new, revolutionary art movement, which is encouraged to capture contemporary minds and to become a significant tool of an artistic self-expression in the nearest future.

Nothingness poster
The exhibition within a framework OF MOSCOW DESIGN WEEK
11.10.11 – 16.10.11
Maarten Baas

October 11-16, 2011 RuArts Gallery supported by the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is proud to present an exhibition of young Dutch designers within a framework of the 2nd annual Moscow Design Week, where Maarten Baas (www.maartenbaas.com) world famous for his pioneer collection Smoke - burned furniture and interior items - will appear as a headliner.

Nothingness poster
The exhibition within a parallel program of the IV Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art
15.09.11 – 08.10.11
Sergey Anufriev, Vita Buivid, Irina Drozd, Alexander Efremov, Oleg Makarov, Nikola Ovchinnikov, Ivan Plyusch, Vitaly Pushnitsky, Alexander Sokolov, Olga Treiwas, Aglaya Feneva

According to Buddhist philosophy – the absolute truth is absolute absence, nothingness. An attempt to comprehend «void», when the observer realizes that the obvious form of reality and emptiness are inseparable – is one of the most important goals of Buddhist meditation.

Frame Break poster
Frame Break
25.05.11 – 02.07.11
Natalia Smolyanskaya

A new series of Natalia Smolyanskaya’s works is connected with a motion itself. The artist is considering two types of moving. The first one is affiliated with a plasticity of a human body, its position in the space. The second one – with a representation of futurism and suprematism. From K.Malevitch and his contemporaries, members of the «Bauhaus» and «De Stijl» circles, Natalia Smolyanskaya takes two main colours – black and red. With the help of these colours, avant-gardist artists passed on the spatial arrangement dynamics of the objects. These colours, however, are used by Smolyanskaya to capture the emotions that are alien to the age in which their versatile possibilities were discovered. The exhibition «Frame Break» tells the story about loneliness, crisis, social and psychological «frame» and attempts to go beyond its limits – to «break».

Kimiko Yoshida poster
Paintings. Self-portraits.
08.04.11 – 21.05.11
Kimiko Yoshida

RuArts Gallery of Contemporary Art represents Kimiko Yoshida’s new series of photographs, majestic and indecipherable portraits conceived with the history of art in mind, which is entitled Paintings. Self-portraits. These works are closely associated with art history and represent a symbolic revision of the masterpieces made by Raphael, Durer, Caravaggio, Gustav Klimt and William Blake.

Feminine, All Too Feminine
Feminine, All Too Feminine
16.03.11 – 05.04.11
Tatyana Antoshina, Ekaterina Dronova, Gerasim Kuznetsov,Damir Muratov, Maria Potapenkova, Anna Russova, Aleksey Sergeev, Aglaya Feneva, Larry Caveney (USA)

In the duplication and exponentiation of the feminine, in its aggravation and emphasizing – could be discerned the desire to overcome a cultural existing of understanding “feminine” and to go beyond the routine, political, social, gender and other discourses of a masculine or feminine viewpoint. Thereby, Gerasim Kuznetsov, who supervises the exhibition – delineates a space, in which every exhibiting artist can produce a purely personal point of view on the “feminine” conception, and the exhibition as a whole helps to form an expression, which like a local statistical survey, with the only difference being that various - points of view presented in the same space, come together to interact and create stress points and points of connection, harmonies. The plot allows the viewer to join the game and to examine an essence of women in virto, in the circumstances of a displayed experiment, and to determine its characteristics him- or herself.

If you want to swim - go swimming poster
If you want to swim - go swimming
10.02.11 – 12.03.11
Vita Buivid

Entitled with a quote from the late Chinese totalitarian leader Mao Zedong Vita Buyvid’s project is devoted to the aesthetics and practice of the interaction of the human being with water. It includes "Methods for ornaments study" and "Swimmers" series. Works are presented in a large variety of media, from painting and photography to sculpture.

The Perfect World poster
The Perfect World
16.12.10 – 29.01.11
Cornelie Tollens (The Netherlands)

Cornelie Tollens is a famous Dutch photographer. In 1990 she graduated from the Photography Academy in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Tollens art entails both free work and assignments for clients. As a fashion photographer she worked for such magazines as Dutch, BLVD, Elle and Elegance, published in art magazines like Avenue, Blvd., Credits, La Vie en Rose. She is also been commissioned to create international campaigns for brands such as Nike, Ikea, Nokia, Hema and Martini.

Exhibition in the framework of the “Year of Russia and France, 2010” With the support of French ñultural ñenter in Moscow Under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation
25.11.10 – 11.12.10
Michel Castaignet, Joseph Choi, Herve Ic,Nataliya Lyach, Cyril Hatt

"The painting is becoming closer to poetry, now that photography has freed her of the need of storytelling"

Georges Braque

I was in love with Makhmud… poster
I was in love with Makhmud…
12.11.10 – 23.11.10
Evfrosina Lavrikhina & Alexander Arngoldt

"I was in love with Makhmud ..." exhibition is a joint project of the artist Evfrosina Lavrukhina and designer Alexander Arngoldt.

Nobuko Watabiki poster
Nobuko Watabiki
16.09.10 – 30.10.10

In 1958, in the midst of the post-war recovery period in Japan, Watabiki was born in the heart of Tokyo. She grew up in an ordinary family. Despite on the fact that she had a normal childhood in her book “Freeing myself and becoming a painter” Watabiki mentions that she could not remember how she felt during that period. She always felt like she was a spectator or a bystander in her family.

Salt poster
II Moscow International Biennale for Young Art "Qui Vive?"
10.07.10 – 01.08.10
SYN Group (Yulia Kovalevskaya, Evgeniy Chernishev, Takahiro Kido) (Kiev), Anna Buyvid (Ukraine – Russia, Moscow), Irina Drozd (St Petersburg), Roman Ess (Moscow), Nikolay Ishchuk (Moscow – London), Georgiy Keymakh (Moscow), Ivan Lungin (Moscow), Sasha Lyutiy (Moscow), Ryo Shimizu (Tokyo), Alexander Yefremov (St Petersburg)

Salt is a fundamental concept encompassing both physical and mental connotations. Salt is a symbol of the energy of life, it is a mystical element, in essence and in taste. II Moscow International Biennale for Young Art "Qui Vive? is built around the theme of boundaries and border-crossings. The current project entitled “Salt” evokes these notions by negating and undoing borders and frontiers of all kinds. It brings together young artists from different countries who interpret the concept of Salt across borders and cultural boundaries. As a concept intended to structure the space of the exhibition Salt also allows us to draw from a range of works in different genres and artistic movements.

Vivid Iron poster
Vivid Iron
02.06.10 – 03.07.10
Semeon Agroskin, Ekaterina Sysoeva

Nowadays, few of “modern art” artists turn to the genre of scenes of everyday life or travel notes. In general, few people do care about a routine stratum, not to mention the fact, that the research material is hardly even seen in it, as well as the subject of an artistic expression. The exhibition “Vivid Iron”, - is exactly such a happy and rare case.

Infants poster
14.05.10 – 28.05.10
Petr Axenoff

It is not the first year Petr Axenoff closely working with the main image persons, masters of media and glossy magazines on the topic of opposite side of success. In this time the main actors of his new project are not adults but their kids, here they are not those inarticulate beings who still have not decided in their positions, but «little adults» whose parents are at a highest stage of the social hierarchy. Since babyhood they feel themselves as elite, they are growing in the world of luxury and big money. Today, these kiddies express themselves in, as in a mirror, their successful parents, but half ten years, they grow up, get elite education in prestigious universities in Europe and will stand at the top of the hierarchy.

In Memoriam photo
In Memoriam
09.04.10 – 30.04.10
Petr Axenoff, Vita & Anna Buivid, Dasha Usova,Marina Fedorova, Dmitry Tsvetkov, Masha Tsigal, Yuri Shabelnikov

Personality cult in art has undergone a lot of transformations. The 20-th century, largely due to the development of media culture, has created more images and masterminds, than the whole previous history.

09.02.10 – 09.03.10
Nicola Ovchinnikov, Vita Buivid, Alexey Krasnovskiy
Gosha Ostretsov, Sergey Pakhomov, Vitaly Pushnitsky, Nikola Ovchinnikov, Muriel Russo, Aglaya Feneva, Dmitriy Tsvetkov, Petr Aksenoff, Sergey Chaika and Daria Usova

The «Duel» exhibition is dedicated to the anniversary of A.S. Pushkin’s duel on the 8th of February 1837. The exhibition is held at RuArts gallery, from 9th of February until the 9th of March 2010.

Erwin Olaf_photo
Erwin Olaf
18.12.09 – 01.2010

For the past four years the inside of Erwin Olaf’s studio has been a kind of time warp. Enter the converted church hall on the outskirts of Amsterdam and you enter a world of 1950s American domesticity: ladies with carefully curled hair and twin sets, men in neat raincoats, and interiors filled with sleek mid-century furniture.

Vita Aperte_photo
Vita Aperte
23.10.09 – 27.11.09
Vita Buivid

Vita Buivid's latest project, ‘Vita Aperte’, includes works from several different periods – ‘Familia’ (2006), ‘Piccolo Amore’ (2007), ‘Secret desires’ (1996) and ‘Erotic dreams’ (1995).

Vitaly Pushnitsky_photo
Chamber: Solitary confinement
10.09.09 – 17.10.09
Vitaly Pushnitsky

Vitaly Pushnitsky is interested in space. In one way or another many of his projects include references to measurements, the relativities of volumes, and 'material visuality' which the genre of sculpture so generously allows us to experience.

Vladimir Glynin_photo
29.05.09 – 27.06.09
Vladimir Glynin

Life is a dream. But are dreams life? Where are we in our dreams? Who are we? What are they to us – our dreams? Who are we in the first seconds of awakening when we haven't crossed the boundary of reality? Vladimir Glynin's project ‘Dream’ is a search for the answers to these questions using new media forms and a new language of photography.

Harma Heikens_photo
18.12.08 – 24.01.09
Amanda Besl, Ruud van Empel, Marina Fyodorova, Mitsy Groenendijk, Harma Heikens, Alexander Zakharov

The unifying idea of this exhibition is the experience of innocence and its destruction – the beauty and sincerity of childhood as it encounters the real world, full of wars and disasters.

Petr Axenoff_photo
Golden War
18.09.08 – 27.10.08
Petr Axenoff

In ‘Golden War’, Eastern and Western cultures come into conflict with one another. Their mutual fascination and disdain for one another has found a new mode of expression in the national and religious consciousness via the influence of mass media and the fashion industry, the universal conductors of intercultural communication.

Paolo Consorti_photo
Beyond the Confines of the Body
08.07.08 – 21.07.08
Davide Coltro, Paolo Consorti, Daniele Girardi, Diego Scroppo, Francesco Sena, Bianco Valente
Curated by Alessandro Carrer, Marisa Vescovo

The artists featured in this show try to dominate chaos, passing beyond the limits of bodily sensations while at the same time attempting to 'embody' it in form and image, penetrating its mysteries and riddles.

A Good Artist...
03.06.08– 05.07.08
Sergei Anufriev Sergei Borisov, Sergei Bugaev (Afrika), Inal Savchenkov, Yuri Shabelnikov, German Vinogradov

In the late 1980s Sergei Anufriev, Yuri Leiderman and Paul Pepperstein created a unique artistic association called ‘Inspection Medical Hermeneutics’.

Translation of Time
08.02.08– 22.03.08
Igor Vulokh, Evgeny Dybski

Igor Vulokh and Evgeny Dybsky are representatives of expressive abstractionism. Igor Vulokh, a non-conformist artist who belongs to the generation of the 1960s, is an acknowledged master of the ‘other art’. Evgeny Dybsky is an artist from another generation, the 1980s.

Genius Loci
21.12.07– 29.01.08

The exhibition ‘Genius Loci’ tells of the two eras of cultural life on Ostozhenka Street and its neighboring Prechistenka and Volkhonka Streets.

Love in times of fear
08.02.08– 22.03.08
Igor Vulokh, Evgeny Dybski

Franko B (b. 1960, Milan) is an honorary member of the International Perfomance Group (IPG).

Media Image and the Subconciousness_photo
Media Image and the Subconciousness
26.02.07 – 14.03.07
Petr Axenoff, Alina and Jeff Bliumis, Phill Niblock, Frank Theys, Koen Theys
Curated by Alexandra Dementieva

By the end of the 1960s, artists had started using video as a creative medium. Recording images on magnetic tape proved to be more affordable, direct and much easier than cinema.

Marry Me_photo
Marry Me!
09.11.06 – 30.12.06
Kimiko Yoshida

This series of self portraits creates a sequence of identity, a set of images, following one after another, arising out of one another, like a train of thought. It is a river of feelings in motion.

20.05.06 – 20.06.06
Petr Aksenoff, Sergei Anufriev, Andrei Bartenev, Anna Broshe, Vladimir Dubossarsky, Vladimir Kozhuhar, Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe, Natalya Schastlivaya, Dmitry Shorin, Lena Ulantseva, Alexander Vinogradov

Etymologically, the word ‘glamour’ originates from the Old Scottish ‘gramarye’, suggesting magic, necromancy and other occult doctrines. English historians R. Buckley and E. de la Hay define glamour in a sociocultural sense as an artificially constructed image of reality, a call to consumption, signifying an affinity with the generally accepted standards of luxury.

List of my possessions_photo
List of my possessions. Continuation
31.01.06 – 20.03.06
Semeon Agroskin

Semeon Agroskin does not chase after the latest trends, he doesn't aspire to be like all the rest, doesn't wish to change himself for anyone.

25.11.05 – 14.01.06
Victor Alimpiev, Konstantin Batynkov, Sergei Bugaev (Afrika), Vladimir Dubosarsky, Nora Konenkova, Irina Korsakova, Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe, Sergei Meituv, Nikolai Olenikov, Sergei Shutov, Rostan Tavasiev, Sergei Terentyev, Leonid Tishkov, Dmitry Tsvetkov, Elena Ulantseva, Alexander Vinogradov, Alexander Zakharov
Curated by George Nikich

The Barbie doll is not only a symbol of market success but a cultural phenomenon as well. In her toy world can be found the reflections of such serious topics as emancipation, family relationships, sexual norms, career matters, political correctness and many other issues.

Tarot Cards_photo
Tarot Cards
12.10.05 – 12.11.05
Igor Vishnyakov

Igor Vishnyakov draws from two sources: esoteric occult knowledge and the practices and artistic language of the Saint Petersburg ‘Neo-academists’. Thus the artist reveals himself through the photographs, reflecting real life situations.

Neoclassicism. Part I
Artists of Timur Novikov’s circle
23.06.05 – 15.09.05
Sergei Bugaev (Afrika), Denis Egelsky, Georgy Gurianov, Victor Kouznetsov, Irena Kuksenaite, Stanislav Makarov, Oleg Maslov, Bella Matveeva, Andrei Medvedev, Alexei Morozov, Timur Novikov, Egor Ostrov, Julia Strauss, Igor Vishnyakov

The exhibition «Neoclassicism. Part I» consists of works by neo-academists – members of an art movement that developed in the 1980s in Leningrad and immediately drew attention from critics.

Naked World_photo
Naked World
06.04.05 – 24.04.05
Spencer Tunick

For many centuries the naked body has served as an acknowledged theme of fine art. So why have Tunick’s installations caused such strong reactions from society, both positive and negative, as well as accusations of immorality and exhibitionism?

Frozen Witness_photo
Frozen Witness
01.02.05 – 31.03.05
Evgeny Yufit

In Leningrad in 1983 Yevgeny Yufit founded the art movement Nercrorealism, which can be considered a continuation of the medieval tradition Ars Moriendi.

Art is an Illusion_photo
Art is an Illusion
‘The history of russian videoart... Once upon a time...’,
curatorial program of Antonio Geusa
07.12.04 – 20.01.05
(Nikita Alekseev, Elena Elagina, Sabina Hensgen, Georgy Kizewalter, Igor Makarevich, Andrey Monastyrsky, Nikolay Panitkov, Sergey Romashko), Natalya Borisova, Blue Soup (Alexei Dobrov, Danil Lebedev, Valery Patkonen), De Profundis (Dmitry Fedorov, Denis Trusevich), Vadim Koshkin, ‘Pirate Television’ (Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe), Gia Rigvava, Aidan Salakhova, Andrei and Julia Velikanov, Boris Yuhananov, ZAiBi
Video installations: Sergei Bugaev (Afrika), Aristarkh Chernyshev, Vladislav  Efimov, ESCAPE, Bulat Galeev, Moritz Mattern, Vladimir Salnikov, Alexei Shulgin, Julia Strauss, Sergei Shutov, Leonid Tishkov, Igor Vishnyakov, Marian Zhunin

The exhibition ‘Art is an Illusion’ is devoted to the emergence and development of new media in contemporary art. Antonio Geuza’s project ‘The Story of Russian Art’ presents the history of Russian video art from the early 1990s to the end of the millennium.